Amazon / Barnes & Noble – We Don’t Want You to Buy Books!

I finally finished the third book of the Vampire Memories series by Barb Hendee.  Since there aren’t any more in this series, yet, I decided to see if the latest in the Kate Daniels series from Ilona Andrews is available.  Head over to Amazon, plug in Kate Daniels, click on a random book in the series and look for a link showing the other books in the series.  There isn’t one.  In fact only the first book is clearly marked even being in a series!  Well, that’s Amazon stupidity for you.

Barnes & Noble has that feature, right?  Nope.  Though they did mark all four books as being in a series.  They even got which book each was in the series.  An improvement, but certainly not ideal.

Look, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, here’s a clue from a computer geek.  Add a table which holds all the book series.  Link the books to the series in that table.  Then have your website list the other books in the series.  Those are probably the easiest sales you will ever get!  Sure, it may not seem like a big deal for the two series I mentioned.  They number three and four books respectively.  But when you start following the likes of David Weber’s Honor Harrington series with its twelve main books, five anthologies and four secondary books it is a chore to track down the latest books.

You have the database.  You have the website.  Make it trivial!


3 responses to “Amazon / Barnes & Noble – We Don’t Want You to Buy Books!

    • T’heck with that, give Amazon a piece of their own medicine. Have Goodreads patent the “process” and then prevent Amazon from using it.

      What, me bitter from Amazon patenting “1-click checkout” and suing B&N? NAHHHHHH.

      But, yeah, it is utterly trivial for them to do.

  1. I agree completely! One thing I have found that helps is to do a search by the series name and book number (Kate Daniels Book 4). Still in order for that to work you have to remember what number book you are on. I also have a suggestion. Why not give customers the ability to flag authors so that you receive an email whenever they have a new release? I am always having to search by my favorite authors to find new books and I am reading so many series at once that I can’t remember them all.

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