Rift Ramblings

Athnamas has hit 30.  I’ve sailed through Crimson Gorge and am now puttering around Scarwood Reach.  I had planned more criticisms in a third installment of Rethinking Rift but am glad I never got around to it.

First I think I finally hit my stride in enjoying Rift vs. playing Rift.  I’m now comfortable with the world, the mechanics, the build I’ve chosen and so on.  I’m no longer pushing to complete quests in the shortest time possible.  Nor am I in my typical kill-all-mobs-running-from-A-to-B levelfest mentality, either.  If I complete a few quests, great.  Dodging mobs by using oddities in the terrain, a mini-game.  Taking the odd side-route, no problems.  Even rifts have become a tad more enjoyable.  Though I think that is due more to the fact that rifts in the mid-30s actually hand out decent loot so are actually worthwhile to do.

More importantly I’m glad I held off because Trion released the preliminary patch notes for the next major patch.  A lot of the criticisms I had are either going to be addressed in this patch or have clear indications of being on the board for patches in the immediate future.  For example, the lack of an LFG tool.  It’s not in the game now, it’s not in the patch notes but they do have changes in this Patch which are aimed at making an LFG tool feasible in the near future.  Posting auctions by PPU?  This patch.  Searching in the craft window?  This patch.  Filtering by slot in the craft window for Runecrafters?  This patch.

Sure, I still have a serious case of the “Mehs” when it comes to many aspects of the game but I am impressed with the breadth and depth of the upcoming patch.  If Trion keeps up that pace of development I can see keeping with the game for the time being.  Will it be another long-term MMO like AC, WoW and LotRO have been for me?  I am not sure.  But maybe, fingers and toes crossed here, this will tide me over until GW2 is released next year.


One response to “Rift Ramblings

  1. I think it was around level 30 that I started getting into Rift as well. Could be because I thought the zones started getting more interesting at this point, or I got better abilities to play with, or I just simply started getting the hang of it…but there definitely was a point where a switch came on in my head and I realized, hey, I’m actually really enjoying this game!

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