10 Reasons To Be Interested In Guild Wars 2

No, not my video but a great overview of what GW2 is trying to achieve.  They’re trying to break the mold.  To review the systems that we have come to consider standard and pull the essence from them which is fun while leaving the cruft behind.  To address oddities based on the conventions we’ve let fester for the better part of a decade.  To do all that and make it look damn sexy to boot!

I have been nominally following SWTOR’s progress via MMOGC‘s musings upon Bioware’s weekly updates.  As I mentioned before, I just can’t seem to muster much enthusiasm for what is ostensibly one of most beloved fictional universes from my childhood.  But GW2 videos like this just get me every time.  SWTOR will come in its own time.  GW2 cannot come soon enough.


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