My Man Card, Torn Asunder

I have been teasing my wife, mildly, about her penchant for watching home improvement shows.  Personally I don’t like them, save for one.  Almost every one will have some project which squeaks in under budget and looks amazing.  The implication being that the viewer can do it, too.  Except for the fact that the show comes with several extremely talented designers and a cadre of experienced helpers.  Those generally don’t come included on most DIY home improvement projects.

So tonight imagine my shock as I came to a realization.  I started watching Coe’s Quest several months ago.  Back when he had at most 10-15 episodes.  He’s now closing in on episode 150.  So, yeah, about 50 hours of watching some dude play Minecraft.  Sure there’s some exploration, dungeon crawling and such.  However, the vast majority of the time he’s building things.

I am watching the gamer equivalent of the home improvement show.  Crap, can’t give my wife guff any more.

For the record, the one home improvement show I do have respect for, Holmes on Homes.  He’s the only show which basically says, “Get a professional to do it right the first time.”


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