Aesa and Fex

With Samson no longer with us we need to pay attention to Aesa.  We rescued Samson and her together.  He was the one constant in her life up until now.  Ferrets do grieve, especially for a ferret to whom they have bonded. They can become listless and refuse to eat.  Sometimes to the point of putting their own health at risk.  Because of this many ferret owners advise prospective ferret owners to not get just one, but get two, sometimes three.  This is why we originally decided to get another pair of ferrets.  We loved Fex but he was alone in his cage.  The cat and dog did not want to interact with him.  So we rescued Samson and Aesa so he would have fellow ferrets with whom to play.

Now it goes the other way.  We’ve been watching Aesa to make sure she comes out of her barrel, that she eats and drinks and doesn’t get into too deep a funk.  But the best thing for her would be to stick with Fex.  So this morning when she climbed into the hammock with Fex I had to snap a picture for my wife.  He’s crawled into her barrel with her a few times, too.  But it’s good to see her out and about, spending some time with Fex.

Aesa and Fex snuggling in the hammock


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