Leaving Rift

About a month ago I cancelled my subscription to Rift, putting it on notice.  Either it caught my attention in a month’s time or I was done with it.  Since then my logins grew sparser, times between them longer.  I think the final nail in Rift’s coffin were some dungeon runs in LotRO to complete level 60 quests for a few people.  We had a few 65s in the group along with some 60s.  They were challenging.  We didn’t just AoE tag and burn down the trash.  We had to employ CC.  We had to coordinated.  We died.  Even with some toons 5 levels over it wasn’t a spankfest.  In fact we didn’t even finish the 3rd dungeon, failing on the final boss and running out of time.

Nothing that I encountered in Rift came close to that level of coordination and challenge.  There was also no indication that there would be anything like it in the future, either.

So this evening I dropped my toons from the guild and freed up the HD space Rift occupied.  Sad, really, as Trion just announced that they were going to have Addons in the game.  A move which I whole-heartedly support.  A move I wish more MMOs would emulate.


2 responses to “Leaving Rift

  1. I’ve pretty much given up on Rift dungeons. Until someone comes up with a different way of doing things, I’m just going to accept I’m not an endgame person. At least not the way it is now. I’ll still enjoy everything it takes for me to get there though, the journey, the leveling, the experience.

    The Rift update and event slated for later this month is making me stick around for a little longer though. I’m a sucker for lore events and activities, and I can’t say no to regular updates. Given the positive way I also reacted to STO’s weekly feature episodes, it occurred to me in many ways that is the style I prefer, screw expert dungeon grinding!

  2. Oh, definitely on the regular updates. I stuck around with Asheron’s Call for years because Turbine has a policy of updating the content once a month. The last I checked they only missed 2 months in the past 12 years. Trion seems to be doing that with Rift. I just couldn’t get into rifting. The final straw was the AoE trash in dungeons. That’s why I left WoW in the middle of BC.

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