Maybe I Should Turn in My Gamer Card?

My reaction to all the news from E3 so far.


First off, anything from Sony or Nintendo is already off my radar.  95% of my games are on the PC.  The only console I have is a 360 and I put maybe 3-5 hours into it a month.  The only handheld I’ve ever played was the PSP, for all of 45 minutes.  So not worth the money.  So that kills the WiiU, the PSVita and all the games on those platforms.

As for the 360, let’s run down that.  Anything with Kinect is out, so there’s 2/3rds of it gone.  That leaves MW3 (CoD’s gone to shit, not worth my time), ME3 (ME1 was tripe, didn’t try ME2 so, zzzzz), Halo 4 (zzzzz), Forza 4 (boooorrring).  That leaves Tomb Raider and Minecraft.  I love Minecraft but on the 360?  Hell and no.  So the news for the 360 comes down to Tomb Raider.

3 consoles, 2 handhelds, 1 game worth looking into.

So we get into EA/Ubisoft’s PC oferings.

Ubisoft hasn’t done anything of serious note in years.  Doubly so since they insist on saddling every release if SecuROM even though it has never once deterred any pirate, EVER.  Way to piss off your customers, Ubisoft!

EA is screwing the pooch with Origin.  Most of the games listed I have to give a pass.  Sports?  Snore.  Racing?  See also Forza 4.  That leaves SW:TOR & BF3.  Of those two it is hard to decide which one I think they’ll screw up more.

Bioware’s SW:TOR news hasn’t filled me with much hope for a while now.  I’ll buy it on release day, sure.  But if they are trying to cram the ME and DA style into an MMO I’ll probably drop it as fast as I dropped Rift.

As for DICE’s BF3 I am hoping they don’t try to chase Activision down the mediocre FPS hole they’ve been digging.  They don’t need to go full on ARMA but having the annoying problems of BF2, BF2142 and BFBC2 not repeated would be an excellent start.

Unfortunately of the three titles I have any interest in details are either not promising of non-existent.  I won’t say that the entire show was bad for everyone, that’s silly.  Lots of people apparently got lots of exciting information out of it.  I am just not one of ’em.  Maybe my gamer card’s expired.


2 responses to “Maybe I Should Turn in My Gamer Card?

  1. Probably should rethink the SWTOR purchase then. The mantra I’ve heard from all over is “If you enjoy BioWare games like Mass Effect, you will probably like The Old Republic as well.”

    • Can’t. While I might give up my Gamer card I’ll never give up my Star Wars geek card. It’s Star Wars. It’s an MMO. If I don’t get it on opening day I’ll be obsessing about it for weeks/months afterwards until I do.

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