Torchlight + Melee = Pain, Oh The Pain!

Holy cripes, my Destroyer is getting raked over the coals in the late teens.  I didn’t have it nearly as bad with my Vanquisher.  Of course she was a ranged toon so was able to do damage while taking none, just fly, fly a kite!  But the Destroyer has to close to melee to do anything.  He hits like a truck but tanks like a tissue.  4-5 hits and he’s down.  I’ve got him armored up.  I’ve taken points in the defensive talents which improves armor.  I’ve pumped most of his points into defense and he still gets drop kicked into next week.  Poor Samson the ferret is having to clear rooms while Goliath the Destroyer stands back with 40 health summoning wave after wave of skeletons.


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