How Not To Retain Customers – Razer

This past Christmas I purchased a Razer Mamba to replace my aging Logitech MX Revolution.  At the time I was quite pleased with the product.  I even went so far to say, “With the Mamba my loyalty to Logitech is shattered.”  Apparently I jinxed myself.

In late April, early May my Mamba started acting exceptionally odd.  After booting my W7 machine it would register clicks in some applications, but not others.  Which applications would register clicks were random every reboot.  If an application didn’t register clicks it would rarely register clicks no matter what I tried.  Reinstalling the Razer’s Drivers, reflashing the firmware on the mouse and the base, restarting applications, killing services, nothing.  It happened whether I was in wireless or wired mode.  It happened on my wife’s XP box.  The most damning part was the instant I plugged in my old MX Revolution my mouse worked perfectly.  Clearly the problem was with the Mamba.

I reported the problem to Razer on the 6th of May.  After a dozen emails, some quite heated on my part because they weren’t being explicit in what they wanted, I finally got my RMA on the 13th of May.  Except that RMA was wrong.  So I was issued another RMA on 23rd of May, over 2 weeks later.  Because of some issues at work and home the mouse wasn’t shipped out until the 8th of June.  The mouse was delivered on the 9th of June.

According to the RMA it would take 2 days for them to process the hardware and a return unit to be shipped.  The 9th was a Thursday, so Monday the 13th would be 2 business days.  I finally emailed them on the 17th asking if they had even received my Mamba.   Later that day I got confirmation it was received, processed, and my replacement would be shipped out within 1-3 business days.  Furthermore I would receive an email from the USPS with a tracking number for my replacement when it was shipped.  It is now the 21st, 4 business days later.  No tracking number.  No email explaining the delay.  Nothing.

Back on the 8th of May I wrote the following to Razer’s support, “That I should instead look at a G510 instead of waiting for an Anansi and forgo an RMA on my Mamba and just order a G700 from NewEgg?  They can be at my door on Tuesday.”  That would have been the 10th of May.  Excluding the 2 weeks it took to get the mouse shipped out that still means what should have been a 5 day turnaround has taken in excess of a month.  Needless to say any goodwill that Razer’s hardware built up in the few months prior to its erroring out has long since evaporated.  Maybe my loyalty to Logitech hasn’t been shattered after all.


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