2 Weeks With a Tablet

For my birthday this year my wife and mother went in halvsies on an ASUS Transformer tablet.  It was the cheapest Android 3.x tablet I could find.  I was somewhat dubious on what use I would put it to since I have my W7 gaming rig, a 17″ Vaio Linux Laptop & a Motorola Droid.  Fortunately it seems that my worry was unfounded.

As a device it sits between the Droid and the Vaio.  Many of the apps that I used on my Droid have been migrated to the tablet.  Though they share many of the same apps the difference in screen size and processing power means that any time I am where there is available Wifi the tablet gets preference.  On the other hand my Droid’s 3G connectivity means that outside those hotspots it fills in as needed.  This sounds like it might be a limitation for the tablet but, really, most of my time is in range of either my home or work Wifi networks.  The division between the two works nicely.

On the other end of the spectrum it is competing against my Vaio laptop.  I still use the Vaio for my main productivity machine since it runs Linux proper.  It full version of Chrome also handles Youtube videos, Reddit and other web experiences far better than the stripped down version of Chrome that is on the tablet.

The tablet also had competition from one other device; my wife’s old Kindle 2 that I had inherited a few months ago.  Quite a while ago when my wife and I had our many discussion of Kindle or Nook I realized that I could get an Android tablet for about the price of a Kindle and a Nook, download the apps for both, and have an uber eReader as well as a decent platform for other computing tasks.  That realization has come to fruition.  I’ve finished up up a few Kindle books, finally ordered my first electronic book (up until now I’ve been reading my wife’s books) on Nook and have access to Google Books.  All on the same device.

Reading books, keeping tabs on Facebook/Twitter/EMail, playing music from Music and being a lightweight browser/Youtube platform when I want to quickly share something with guests.  All of these are constrained on the Droid but don’t warrant lugging out the full laptop.  The tablet fits that niche perfectly.  I’m glad I got this device as a gift.  Now to just figure out a way to keep the screen clean.


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