If This Is Engineer Love…

So to promote the new Deus Ex game Valve teamed up with Eidos to give some Deus Ex themed items to their TF2 players.  I was stunned when I saw that there were Engineer items in the mix.  The Engineer was the last class to get an update and since then is the least updated class.  I quipped on Reddit it couldn’t be real in there were Engineer items in it.

Little did I know how true my words were.  I xreated the new engineer shotty. Gave it a try. 60 metal to fire. Can only carry 200. So, 3 shots. Sure, you get damage back as metal but unless you’re ramming your shotty up their arse you don’t get close to 60 back. So, 4 shots if you’re lucky.

Not only that but when you’re building, 0 shots. Oh, and since you’re shooting 60 metal per shot you can drain your level 3 dispenser dry. Meanwhile crates and dispensers give out ammo anyway.

So, same number of shots, virtually no reloads, wastes your metal and has absolutely no upside. Yup, that’s a Valve Engineer update.


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