Would You Trust A Talking FishSnack?

Total Biscuit of Cynical Brit is at Gamescom.  He has put up some excellent footage of both TOR and GW2.

First up, a good 25m in TOR.

I have to say this is the very first video where I actually had some excitement build up about the game.  I’ve already preordered but until now my reaction to the game has been lackluster at best.  The UI looks polished, I like the features I’ve seen so far but it doesn’t look like, combat wise, it is breaking any new ground.  While the melee combat looked excellent, I was disappointed seeing TB’s toon take a few blaster bolts and not react one bit.  I don’t know why it stuck out so much for me but it did.  Though I am certainly willing to give it a go after seeing this video and I’m sure, in time, I won’t really care about that slight immersion breaker.

Next he spent 40 minutes driving GW2.

40 minutes of pure excitement, right there!  First off I giggled when I saw how the weapons worked.  Skills changing based on the weapons you wield?  Awesome! Learning new skills for those weapons as you use them, and not tied to your level at all?  Sweet!  Then he showed the quest system.  Show up to a location, talk to a guy, get several tasks which, in aggregate, complete the quest.  Want to farm items?  Sure.  Combat?  Ok, too.  A little of both?  Have at it!  Now that I’ve seen it I will be disappointed in any MMO which does not have such a wonderful system in place.  But really, the whole 40 minutes I was just giddy.

Of the two games I am still far more interested in Guild Wars 2.  I’m positively beside myself with anticipation now.  I still need to give TOR a fair shake.  Fortunately their relative releases will allow me to do that.  But, seriously, I so need a time machine now.


3 responses to “Would You Trust A Talking FishSnack?

  1. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t much care for demos of the lowbie experience anymore, because from experience I never get excited until after leaving the beginner’s areas. Even for SWTOR, when I played the bounty hunter demo on Hutta at PAX East for the first 5 levels, I was kinda bored.

    I know this about myself and embrace it though, and will give a game until mid to high levels before I make my final judgment. So tbh, it’s not a surprise that both these games looked dull to me from the videos. At least for SWTOR — details excluded — I know things get awesome. I expect the same will be true for GW2. I’m a little taken aback by how combat looks in the GW2 videos though…it’s not that it’s not polished, but there’s so much…flash and bang? It looks more distracting and less immersive than many games.

    • I can understand that. Though I do find them interesting for what they do reveal. I really dislike pre-rendered trailers and screenshots made by the advertising dept. because they show absolutely nothing of what the game is like. In these videos I get to see what the UI is shaping up to be like, what the basic systems are and how the player interacts with those systems. What content they do reveal is obviously not indicative of later game play, but the systems we did get to look at are bound not to change much in the later game. Well, unless they get a bought of reason and implement UI programming, but I digress.

      That is why I see GW2 as the more exciting of the two. Nothing to do with content but a lot to do with the systems. TOR’s systems look to be shaping up to be a carbon copy of what we’ve gotten in MMOs for the past several years. It’s safe, albeit polished. But that was Rift. Rift only lasted 2 months in my stable of games and only then because I forgot to unsubscribe until 2 days after my sub renewed.

      GW2, even at the low levels, is showing that they are taking the MMO genre and trying to change it up in new and interesting ways. Ways which I can already see myself writing a “Massively Forgotten Features” entry about because once experienced other games will seem the poorer for it.

      Now, I do defer to you on matters of content when it comes to TOR. That is probably where Bioware is pushing their development dollars and obviously something that cannot be seen in demos of the intro areas such as this.

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