I Can See The Good In TOR, Honest!

Total Biscuit took another gander at TOR at Gamescom, this time it was the intro area for the Smuggler.

Now, as much as I enjoyed the mechanics displayed in his GW2 WTF video I have to say this video got some of the same reaction from me.  The cover system is not something I’ve seen in an MMO before outside of basic line of sight mechanics.  Of all the things I’ve seen for TOR this is the first that really made me sit up and, with a grin, say “That is cool!”

Just recently I made the decision to go Republic when the game goes live.  I left the class portion of my guild application as “Undecided” as I was vacillating between Jedi Knight (and later Sentinel) vs. Smuggler (and later Gunslinger).  With the cover mechanic I’ve marked down Smuggler.


One response to “I Can See The Good In TOR, Honest!

  1. The Smuggler is all kinds of awesome. I’m probably not as taken with the cover mechanic as you, though I think it’s different, but it’s the class story that looks like it’ll be a hell lot of fun to play!

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