Mists of Pandaria – A Reaction

The following was in response to a fellow OTGer asking who was quitting WoW for TOR based on the recent announcement or just who was leaving other MMOs for TOR in general.  It basically sums up my feelings on the announcement by Blizzard on their next Xpac, Mists of Pandaria.

Am I leaving WoW for TOR? Nope. I quit WoW mid-WLK and haven’t touched Cata.

Am I leaving other MMOs? Nope. I playing MMOs off and on right now. I bounce in and out of at least half-a-dozen MMOs for reasons unrelated to each other. My current rotation is CoH (sometimes), WoT (declining), APBr (almost dead), FE (about to get back into it), LotRO (declining as of RoI) and waiting on STO and DCU to go F2P so I can give both a spin.

Most of my gaming time right now is spent in TF2, Nuclear Dawn, Dungeon Defenders (current hit). Most recently Deus Ex: Human Revolution (just started last night) and a replay of KOTOR have been added in.

More importantly do the announcements from Blizz give me any interest in returning to WoW? No. None. At all. In fact, quite the opposite. My reaction was, in a phrase, “What the WHAT!?” Yes, I’ve been immerse in 30Rock reruns because of my wife, but more importantly, it’s like Blizzard decided to just go for the wildest thing they could think of to surprise people, or something.

Yeah, I get the die-hard Blizzard fans know its in the official canon. I get that. Guess what? I’m not a die-hard Blizzard fan. Furthermore I disliked the Warcraft series so their existence to me is solely based on the knowledge that it was a bad April’s Fools joke by Blizzard a few years back. Bad April Fool’s jokes don’t good expansions make.

And yeah, I get that there’s other half-animal, half-humanoid hybrids in the game. In fact one of them, the Wargen, is a playable race. But there’s a reason why a Wargen works and a Pandarian doesn’t. Wolves are bad-ass. Panda’s are too lazy to screw to save their species. MovieBob’s The Big Picture for this week, while not about WoW or video games at all, nails it.

In short, while WoW has tongue-in-cheek humor and doesn’t take itself too seriously the mix was that it was more serious than joking. This expansion looks like tongue-in-cheek has turned into an outright farce.

Let me put this in TOR terms. Imagine TOR has launched, is wildly successful, has millions of players and a few xpacs under its belt. Xpacs which treated their property in the same manner the original game was treated. Then Bioware announces the next Xpac and says that it is going to be based around the Star Wars Holiday Special. Die-hard Star Wars fans know of its existence and, in fact, that some of it is considered canon in that it was used elsewhere while the rest of it hasn’t been denounced as canon. Those millions of players who aren’t die-hard Star Wars fans would look at it and exclaim, “What the WHAT?!”

Yeah, I view MoP at about that scale of lunacy.

Am I leaving WoW for TOR? As I said no. Am I glad I jumped out of WoW when I did? Oh hell yes. Am I looking forward to TOR and hope it is wildly successful? More than ever. It’s got to set the new standard at least until GW2 comes out.


One response to “Mists of Pandaria – A Reaction

  1. You have not missed anything, just a more ignorant atmosphere then ever.
    I may see ya on TOR havent trying it yet but thinking about it myself.

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