Dead Island – [Censored]

About a week back I received a Gamer’s Gate alert, Dead Island dropped in price.  Yoink!  One game off my wishlist.  I haven’t been engrossed in a single-player game like this in ages.  It isn’t the first game to do zombie survival justice, Left 4 Dead gets that nod even though its zombies are more 28 Days Later than Dawn of the Dead.  What Dead Island really has going for it is the visceral melee combat.  It’s the first FPS game where melee combat just works.  A single zombie is simple to dispatch.  Kick them to the ground and hack away.  Most times you’ll lop something off in the process.  A pack of zombies, however, can quickly overwhelm even the seasoned zombie fighter.  The main story line is great.  Some of the side missions are a tad wonky but they do help fill out the experience.  However, the best indicator I can give for how good this game is would be the following:  I have not cussed at a game so often and with such color in ages.


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