This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!

I try to take a week off every year just for Halloween.  This year my coworkers asked why?  I love Halloween.  It is my favorite holiday of the year.  So they asked what I was doing for Halloween?  Where was I going?  What would I dress up as?  Did I like handing out candy?  I answered honestly.

Nothing, nowhere, as nothing and since I don’t particularly like children I don’t plan on handing out candy.  Though if my wife has her say I might have to hand out some when she tires of doing so.

If I’m not participating in any of the traditional trappings of Halloween, why is it my favorite holiday?  I could say it appeals to my inner goth and leave it at that, but that would only be the most shallow of answers.

Well, while fall officially begins Sept. 22nd I have lived in locations which generally do not cool off until much later.  Normally this occurs in the last week of October.  For example here in Las Vegas we still had 90F weather until the 21st or 22nd of October.  After several months of frustrating sun and heat the changing of the season is welcome.  It is no wonder that Fall is my favorite season of the year while Spring is a time of dread.

Then there are the colors.  Black and red are my favorite.  Dark red.  This holiday is all about the dark colors.  Dark purples, dark greens, dark reds, and black abound.  It’s the only holiday whose colors, at least to my eye, aren’t gaudy, sappy or just plain annoying.  I also think this is why my wife doesn’t let me choose anything for our home decorations.  😉

Then there’s the people.  It’s the one time of year people dress up and let go en masse.  It feels far more festive, far happier than other holidays because it is all about the fun.  It isn’t about surviving the winter, about family, religious tripe (though Halloween did start there), the birth or defense of the nation, nor is it about a particular class of people.  It’s a holiday about just goofing off, being silly, and everyone being ok with it.

All in all Halloween is the one time of year when society and the world shifts a little closer to me.  To colors I love, to temperatures I prefer, to not being so stuffy about how to dress.  It’s when I can give a little sigh and feel most comfortable.  And, yeah, it speaks to my inner goth, too.

That is why I love Halloween.  And it isn’t like I don’t do anything to observe it.  What better time than midnight, Nov. 1st, is there to watch Tim Burton’s “A Nightmare Before Christmas”?  What, did you think I had that video up top just because it said Halloween a lot?  😉


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