Mass Effect Rehash?

So, I didn’t like Mass Effect or Dragon Age: Origins.  However one of my fellow OTGers recently recommended playing through Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic as a way to make the wait for Star Wars: The Old Republic go by faster.  As it happens I had KOTOR sitting on my Steam account from one of the many bundle sales I purchased in the past ~2 years.  I figured, what the heck, might as well go through it again.  I finished it once on my original XBox and my last attempt at a play through on the 360 ended within a few hours.

Know what?  I’m having fun.  Just got to the point where I rescued Bastila.  Much farther than I did on the 360.  I’m remembering why I really liked Bioware.

So here’s the plan.  Finish up KOTOR.  Then purchase the PC version of Mass Effect.  I originally wanted it on the 360 because my previous two Bioware games, KOTOR and Jade Empire, were on the XBox.  But as anyone who has played Mass Effect knows it isn’t like KOTOR or Jade Empire.  It’s more like a third-person shooter.  Those I play exclusively on the PC.  Maybe that will hold the key to getting into that series.  If so, there’s another couple dozen of hours of distraction to tide me over until TOR is released.

Dragon Age…  We’ll see.  I heard the PC version is better than the console version.  But I think the problems I had with that game transcend system.


3 responses to “Mass Effect Rehash?

  1. Hmm, I would say KOTOR is a pretty good game to play to lead up to SWTOR. The latter feels like a follow up to the former in many ways, probably because of the environments and the fact you are swinging lightsabers and twirling blasters, not playing it like a shooter as you’ve pointed out, like Mass Effect. In fact, I wouldn’t say the game feels like Mass Effect at all, other than the look of the dialogue wheel and the voice overs, so I guess that’s a good thing for you, eh? 🙂

    Dragon Age is a completely different beast. I loved the first game, because that was more like a spiritual successor to the older classic BioWare RPGs. It wasn’t so much the combat or gameplay I enjoyed, it was the darkness of the story and how it just pulled me in and made me feel. I haven’t felt like that for a game since, and even though Dragon Age 2 was okay, it was nowhere near as good as the first game in terms of how it touched me emotionally. The first game is better on the PC, yes. The graphics are better and controls are more optimized, which makes sense as I believe it was ported to the 360. If you’re talking about Dragon Age 2, however, it was the other way around. Still, difference between console and PC for that game is minimal, not like the first game. PC all the way for Dragon Age: Origins!

  2. Yeah. I wish KOTOR2 were available on digital distribution. However Steam, Gamer’s Gate and Origin have all turned up blank. I tried to play it three times on XBox and 360 but never finished. Would like to give it a PC try, too.

    I’ll have to see how I feel about Mass Effect on PC before considering Dragon Age: Origins. One of my main concerns for DAO was that the difficulty of the early encounters. A side quest had me track down 3 groups of mobs which, individually, could wipe my entire party. I don’t see that changing on the PC version.

    • I’ve given up on playing KOTOR 2 on PC. Been looking out for digital distribution of it for years, not going to hold my breath anymore. And the box version wouldn’t work on my PC, glad I found that out before I went hunting down for one. So yeah, I ended up buying the Xbox version as well and took advantage of the backwards compatibility.

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