This is Why Origin Sucks.

When Origin was unleashed upon the world I was one of those people who proclaimed that it sucked.  As much as I love Valve and Steam I do recognize that they need competition if for no other reason to continue to show how awesome they are.  In fact most of my recent PC gaming purchased have been through Gamer’s Gate, not Steam.  But Origin seriously rubbed me the wrong way.  Many people pointed out that Steam was no better when it was launched.  And I agree.  But this isn’t 2003 any more.  We have several digital distributors from which to purchase games.  The limitations of Origin are simply inexcusable.  How bad is it?

I pre-ordered TOR back in July through Origin because I haven’t purchased a PC game from a brick & mortar store since the release of WLK in 2008.  Since then I have canceled the credit card I used to purchase the game.  I have tried on three different occasions to update my payment information with EA.  All three times I was told by their CSRs they were not able to do that.  So here it is, 4 days from the release of TOR and I have no prospect of a serial key so I can keep playing past the 22nd.  I decided to see if I could enter payment information into Origin and settle this once and for all.  No such luck.

EA is literally preventing a paying customer from giving them money.  Origin does not facilitate them taking my money.  Seriously, what the hell!?  What kind of storefront refuses customer payment?  This is why Origin sucks!


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