Wait… what!?

Star Wars: The Old Republic has been released.  I have been playing heavily since the first minutes of early access. In 2 words, lovin’ it!  TOR is not without its problems, all minor and not really worth mentioning.  What Bioware set out to achieve they did in spades.  That being the story they are so famous for.

When I create characters in MMOs I need to have some basic character concept in my head.  I can’t get into the character nor the game without even having some notion of who my character is.  Even if there’s absolutely no expression of those personalities and motivations inside the game I still need to have it in my mind.

TOR isn’t the first MMO where some portions of these characters can manifest.  The basic personality peeks out from choices in weapons, powers and gear.  TOR is most certainly the first where my characters truly feel completely different.  It stems from the conversation choices as well as consequences that come with them.  My male gunslinger, Resolute, responds to conversations differently than my vanguard, Kristn.

Because of this two days ago something happened in TOR which has never happened in the 12 years I have been playing MMOs.  I was doing some solo missions on Alderaan with Resolute.  I was presented with a choice I could not answer.

Up to this point my concept of Resolute lent itself to quick answers and has resulted in a mostly light side character.  Chase all the skirts (but not the kilts), bad critters must die, slavers are bad critters, show him the money, mouth off to authority to knock’em down a peg.

This one choice was clear on what was light side and what was dark side but I never made choices based solely in those terms.  One choice took him out of the conflict, one that wasn’t his and saved a dozen lives.  The other was to tell the bad guy to piss off and start blasting.

Both choices were well within Resolute’s character.  So, for the first time in an MMO is sat and stared at a choice and had to really, truly think, “What do I do?”


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