She’s Right, We’re Not Producers…

I wanted to take a short moment to respond to Christina Norman’s rant at GDC wherein she said, “We just want to release awesome stuff. Players please, give us a chance. Judge our games based on what they are. Judge the DLC based on what it is. Stop thinking you’re a producer and telling us when and where we should be building our content.”

Christina, I can understand your sentiment.  And you’re right, we’re not producers.  We’re your customers.  You remember who those are?  Yes, the people who purchase your product.  It is those purchases that is the whole point of producing a game for sale.  You want us to purchase and play the game.

If we feel slighted by day one DLC, especially on-disc DLC, or DLC which is supposed to be an enticement for a problem which doesn’t exist on our platform (in my case, PC) then we do have the right to express our displeasure.  That includes not purchasing your game.

You’re right, we’re not producers.  Our opinions do matter.  Cross those opinions at your peril.


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