First Night Home For… uhmmm….

Well, it has been almost a year since we lost Fex.  We decided it was time to return our business to three ferrets.  After checking with the local shelter we decided to go with a kit this time.  So tonight we headed over to Petco, played with a couple of kits and ended up bringing home the largest of the bunch.

We were told he’s the last of the previous batch and is a few months older than the other kits.  It shows!  He was a rambunctious terror in the cage, constantly tackling the other kits and gnawing on ears or scruffs or anything else that came close.  He wanted to play!  Apparently he was also adopted once and returned in short order, no reason given as to why.  But he was gentle with the other kits; never made them squeak.  When I held him he was kind of mellow and not chompy at all.

His First Night Home

On the ride home he sat in my arms.  So mellow it was unreal.  He was content to just watch the world go by.  I don’t think we’ve had a ferret sit that still since Samson.

At home he got introduced to, and play with, Daisy, Xena and Xara.  So far, so good.  He didn’t get into any huge fights with the girls.

Now onto the hard part, picking out a name.  Eadie’s leaning towards Xander to keep the X names going.   I had originally suggested Xerxes a few days ago as a joke.  But we’ll see.  Right now he’s home, he’s tuckered out and he’s sleeping.  That’s good enough for the first night.


2 responses to “First Night Home For… uhmmm….

  1. I’m so happy for you and little X! Good luck picking a name, it usually takes me awhile although I’m thinking my next will be Lando.

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