My Rules For Twitter Sparring

What’s Twitter Sparring?  That’s when you hop on twitter, do a search, and start replying to random people posting stupid stuff.  Something I’ve been doing lately out of boredom and wanting to ruffle people’s feathers when it came to their silly notions.  However, to keep it from being stalking or attacking I developed 4 rules for Twitter Sparring.

  1. Twitter is public.  Comment in public, expect the public to respond.
  2. Search for a specific term you want to combat negativity about.  For example, my term du jour is “Atheist”.
  3. Only reply to original posts, not retweets.
  4. Reply only in public, don’t DM, don’t take it private.  This is the practical extension of #1.

What this means that if someone posts “Atheists are all devil worshipers” in a public tweet I feel it’s ok to reply publicly and challenge that notion.  This means I’m not attacking people for their religious beliefs, I am offering rebuttals to what people are claiming about another group they most often know little to nothing about.

The odd thing is that so far my most often used argument is actually against atheists who are mistaken on the nature of agnostic and atheist and how they relate to one another.  Fooie.

(Thanks @GoSkinnyBitches for providing the impetus to actually write down the rules.)


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