Debate? What Debate?

My take on the debate a day later? A talking match between a lair and a hypocrite. You pick which is which, works both ways.

A challenge to the Romney supporters, without using the words “Obama”, “Republican” or “Democrat” describe in detail why you’re voting for him.

For the Obama supporters explain what he has to do to lose your vote. He’s a peace prize winner who’s engaged in several illegal wars and continues to terrorize people daily. The feds raid legal MJ dispensaries in Cali at an increasing rate. Either of those should be deal breakers to the left.

The largest group of voters are independent yet we have candidates from parties that ignores their own members at both national conventions. Can you name one of the several other candidates for President? If so, why aren’t you upset they aren’t included? If not, why aren’t you really upset they have been ignored?

My take on the debate? I saw no difference of great matter. I saw a farce and a scam and far too little recognition of it as people cheered for their favorite team. That’s the “wake the fuck up” Samual J. should be speaking about.