The Definition of a Bad Game

Wargaming has an event going on right now where if you play 200 rounds of World of Warplanes in the next 4 days you’ll get 5000 gold deposited to your account. That is about $20 worth of in game currency.

I’m doing my doubles in World of Tanks then probably moving on to Planetside 2, Marvel Heroes or Minecraft.

World of Warplanes is such a turd of a game they literally, right now, cannot pay me to play it.


It’s A Whole New World!

Like a great many long-time Minecraft players I have gotten heavily into modded Minecraft.  I tried one or two manual installs, that didn’t go well.  Then I found Feed-The-Beast.  Talk about an eye-opener.  A plethora of wonderful mods, all in one collection, with launcher that made it easy to download and update.  Glorious!  But limited.  It didn’t take long for geek me to whack slacker me over the head and regain control.

These days I use MultiMC to control several instances of Minecraft spread across multiple versons, each with its own set of mods.  I’ve added mods to, and subtracted mods from, Feed-The-Beast that the best I can say now is that I used a no antiquated version as the basis for my worlds.

With the 1.5.1 update of Minecraft most of the standard mods I use were updated.  So it is new world time!  This time around three mods were dropped, replaced by two others.  Thaumcraft2, Red Power 2, and Steve’s Carts are gone.  In their place come Ars Magica and MineFactory Reloaded.

I just couldn’t get into Thaumcraft’s research mechanic this time around.  It was set to replace the fire-and-forget mechanic that was in TC2.  However this mechanic is a pure grind.  Instead of dropping something into the table and letting it run, now we have to drop the correct something and spam a button.  However since we didn’t get to choose what we wanted to research going for something specific often required many attempts as you kept getting other things popping into the research table first.  It got so bad that TC3 was often something that I would only start after I was well established in other mods.  Of course, by that point, TC3 was overshadowed by the benefits of those other mods.

Red Power 2, oh the love/hate relationship I have with you.  I love your red alloy wiring & logic gates, but your insistence of being obstinate almost to the point of hostility to other mods just means moving on before you’re updated stings a little, but is oh, so freeing.

Ars Magica looks to have a much progression mechanic.  IE, it is useful early on and provides increasing benefits as the player progresses.  I really haven’t tried it before so we’ll see how it goes.

MFR.  This is the reason why I stopped my 1.4.7 world and decided to jump to 1.5.1.  A few worlds back I dropped Forestry.  I never liked bees, I didn’t like the new farms, the only thing I really got from it was biofuel.  MFR provides an alternative method of automatic farming.  This, too, is why Steve’s Carts was dropped as I was only using it to provide automatic farming.  But as of this latest version MFR really nailed it.  Rednet was introduced.  Remember the Red Alloy wiring that I loved from Red Power 2?  Yeah, Rednet addresses that gap quite nicely.  I am really excited about diving into this mod!

Why Do Libertarians Criticize Liberals More Than Conservatives?

In a recent Reddit discussion an avowed liberal posed the following question, “Why do libertarians criticize liberals more than conservatives?”  As a libertarian I have noticed this trend myself but from a different angle.  Why did I have to argue with liberals more than conservatives?  It comes down to a difference in equivocation on both sides.

In general a conservative sees the government as a tool to advance an agenda which tries to keep the status quo.  The policies generally trend towards things which are perceived as negatively impacting individuals.  For example, many conservatives are opposed to gay marriage.  As libertarians when we argue against these policies we are making the case that the idea itself is wrong, therefore government should not be engaging in that behavior.  It is pretty straightforward and clear, government should not do bad things.

Contrast that with the general perception of liberal policies.  Liberals tend to see government as a tool with which to progress society, to benefit people.  For example, public education for all.  As libertarians when we argue against those policies we are making the case that the idea is laudable, but not one which government should engage.  Compared to when we’re arguing against conservatives this is a far trickier argument to make.  This is because many liberals will conflate the notion of good with the notion that government must therefore do it.  Conversely when libertarians attack the notion that government should do it we’re being seen as attacking the base idea as also being bad.  As a result we have to expend far more effort first pointing out that we agree it is a good idea, just disagree in the implementation.

That is why I often have to take much more effort in arguing against liberals.  I can’t just leave it as, “That’s a bad idea therefore government shouldn’t do it.”  No, I have to go through the hoops of saying, “Government shouldn’t do that.  No, it’s a good idea.  No, I agree with it.  I’m a fan of that idea.  But, no, it does not follow that government should do it.  No, really, that’s a great idea.  Seriously, I agree with you that it’s a great idea.  I’d love to see more people gain benefit from that idea.  No, not through government.  No, really.”

Debate? What Debate?

My take on the debate a day later? A talking match between a lair and a hypocrite. You pick which is which, works both ways.

A challenge to the Romney supporters, without using the words “Obama”, “Republican” or “Democrat” describe in detail why you’re voting for him.

For the Obama supporters explain what he has to do to lose your vote. He’s a peace prize winner who’s engaged in several illegal wars and continues to terrorize people daily. The feds raid legal MJ dispensaries in Cali at an increasing rate. Either of those should be deal breakers to the left.

The largest group of voters are independent yet we have candidates from parties that ignores their own members at both national conventions. Can you name one of the several other candidates for President? If so, why aren’t you upset they aren’t included? If not, why aren’t you really upset they have been ignored?

My take on the debate? I saw no difference of great matter. I saw a farce and a scam and far too little recognition of it as people cheered for their favorite team. That’s the “wake the fuck up” Samual J. should be speaking about.

My Rules For Twitter Sparring

What’s Twitter Sparring?  That’s when you hop on twitter, do a search, and start replying to random people posting stupid stuff.  Something I’ve been doing lately out of boredom and wanting to ruffle people’s feathers when it came to their silly notions.  However, to keep it from being stalking or attacking I developed 4 rules for Twitter Sparring.

  1. Twitter is public.  Comment in public, expect the public to respond.
  2. Search for a specific term you want to combat negativity about.  For example, my term du jour is “Atheist”.
  3. Only reply to original posts, not retweets.
  4. Reply only in public, don’t DM, don’t take it private.  This is the practical extension of #1.

What this means that if someone posts “Atheists are all devil worshipers” in a public tweet I feel it’s ok to reply publicly and challenge that notion.  This means I’m not attacking people for their religious beliefs, I am offering rebuttals to what people are claiming about another group they most often know little to nothing about.

The odd thing is that so far my most often used argument is actually against atheists who are mistaken on the nature of agnostic and atheist and how they relate to one another.  Fooie.

(Thanks @GoSkinnyBitches for providing the impetus to actually write down the rules.)

First Night Home For… uhmmm….

Well, it has been almost a year since we lost Fex.  We decided it was time to return our business to three ferrets.  After checking with the local shelter we decided to go with a kit this time.  So tonight we headed over to Petco, played with a couple of kits and ended up bringing home the largest of the bunch.

We were told he’s the last of the previous batch and is a few months older than the other kits.  It shows!  He was a rambunctious terror in the cage, constantly tackling the other kits and gnawing on ears or scruffs or anything else that came close.  He wanted to play!  Apparently he was also adopted once and returned in short order, no reason given as to why.  But he was gentle with the other kits; never made them squeak.  When I held him he was kind of mellow and not chompy at all.

His First Night Home

On the ride home he sat in my arms.  So mellow it was unreal.  He was content to just watch the world go by.  I don’t think we’ve had a ferret sit that still since Samson.

At home he got introduced to, and play with, Daisy, Xena and Xara.  So far, so good.  He didn’t get into any huge fights with the girls.

Now onto the hard part, picking out a name.  Eadie’s leaning towards Xander to keep the X names going.   I had originally suggested Xerxes a few days ago as a joke.  But we’ll see.  Right now he’s home, he’s tuckered out and he’s sleeping.  That’s good enough for the first night.

Should I Adopt A Ferret?

This gets asked all the time on Reddit’s Ferret sub.  I type out basically the same answer every time.

As with anyone who asks here my standard response is this: Like any pet, you should be ready to care for a ferret for the rest of it’s life. The minimum for a ferret means a couple of hours play time, morning and night, fresh food, water and litter whenever they get low. However, unlike cats or dogs ferrets are very stoic when it comes to their environment. At least, that has been my experience with my ferrets over the past 6 years.

My cat’s food dish is empty, she meows at me to fill it. My dog needs to go potty, she barks at me to let her out. My ferrets’ litter is full, their water bottle is empty, their food dish is empty, they are silent.

This means you cannot trust them to let you know when they need attention. You simply must get into the routine of checking their living space morning and night, every day, for the next 5-7 (hopefully more) years.

Mind you, that’s the minimum they need. So before adopting a ferret ask yourself if you’re willing to devote yourself to caring for that pet in that manner for the next several years. If the answer is not an honest yes, please reconsider your choice and/or hold off until that answer changes.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my ferrets. I think they are wonderful pets and I think many more people could find joy in having ferrets in their life. But I have had the unfortunate need to rescue 2 ferrets from a private home, and adopted 2 more from an overloaded shelter who, at the time, had over 40 ferrets. I don’t want people to misunderstand what they are getting into with a ferret and have any more added to the rolls of local ferret shelters.