Why I had to leave Smite, again…

So a few months back I left Smite because I found I was yelling at the screen more often than not. Not at my fellow players, no. While I found some of their actions upsetting I know I’m not the world’s best player and am quite forgiving of other people just learning. No, I was yelling at Hi-Rez because of their utter disregard for their community.

So I took a break hoping that several months away will let Hi-Rez pull their collective heads out of each other’s asses and fix the game to the point where it doesn’t cause massive frustration. 6 months later the reveal of Ratatoskr got me intrigued again so I reinstalled Smite.

3 days later it is uninstalled. Hi-Rez still has their heads up each other’s asses.

On average I put in 1-2 hours playing Smite. That’s 2-5 rounds depending on round length. Almost every round someone from either team DCs and never returns. It is a perpetual 4v5. At the start of the round we should not have to wait until the 10m mark to surrender. 2m without the 5th player, let us leave without penalty or allow surrender at that point. Something! That 8m difference means I could get more decent rounds in.

Worst still is when it is my team because we have the “No surrender” crowd forcing other players to stick in a lost game for another 10-20m because, reasons. That’s fine. I get that some people don’t have a functional F6 and lack the funds to buy a replacement keyboard. But why the **holy fuck** does Hi-Rez believe that 2-0-2 vote isn’t a surrender? Or a 2-1-1? I can get the argument for a 2-2. But when it is clear that the people who do care to vote don’t want to continue and the others can’t be buggered to slap a key that maybe they should kill the round? Esp. on a losing 4v5!

But no, Hi-Rez clearly can’t be bothered to help improve this situation. In the past 3 days I’ve been dropped twice (not my connection), servers crashed once (yay!), the game client itself crashed twice, almost every round was a 4v5 on one side or another, and the broken vote system kept me in far too many games that should have ended.

The last straw was the match I just finished. We started 3v5. Yes, 2 drops on our team right out of the gate. 2m pass, they’re not back. Somehow we held on until they both returned by the 6m mark. But now we’re severely behind the enemy team. We try to make a good show of it but by 20m we’re down to 1 tower and 2 phoenixes. The enemy team has 4 towers still. The game is OVER. Called a vote. 2-0-1. Oh, look, it failed! We have to continue with the farce! At that point our mid took the sensible route and dropped. So now we’re 4v5. I figured, fuck it, I’m done, and dance party in spawn. Few minutes later someone else calls another surrender just as the enemy team gets to the titan, all phoenixes down. 2-0-1, nope, we have to watch them kill our titan.

Smite’s the only MOBA I can stomach. I can’t stand the pseudo-isometric, RTS-esque style of MOBA and the FPS style (MNC, SMNC) are dead. Smite’s it. And Hi-Rez can’t be fucked to do fix their shit. The only thing I’m glad for is that I got it out of my system before I dropped more coin on their sorry asses buying the slew of skins that were available since the last time I played.

TL;DR – Fuck Hi-Rez for going for the cash grab instead of healthy longevity. But then, after how they put Global Agenda and Tribes: Ascend in the shitter I guess I can only blame myself for thinking they’d actually do anything different with Smite.